How do i verify my account in KYC Authentication? December 26, 2018

KYC Authentication is required by Bank Negara Malaysia with a minimum requirements And standards that can approved remittance.This is to ensure effective And robust Anti-Money Laundering And Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) control measures And systems for the provision of online And mobile remittance services.

User in can only be able to Trade, Withdraw And Deposit crypto asset once their KYC Authentication is being verified.

To setup KYC Authentication just follow the Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1 )

Before KYC Authentication, please setup your "Security Password" in your profile.

Simply click on your Email address on the top right And choose "Account Security"


Step 2  )

Click "Modify" for Security Password


Step 3  )

"Security Password" is a must in, user will need it for Trading, Withdraw And deposit in 

So it could not be the same with your "Login Password".

For first time login please ignore the Original Password section.

Security Password must be in 8 to 30 characters as photo shown below:


Step 4  )

Once user finished setting up their "Security Password", user may proceed for "KYC Authentication" in the dropdown menu.


Step 5  )

Fill in your details in all the fields provided carefully. 

p/s: fill in your "Security Password" that you had create earlier.


Step 6  )

Kindly follow the below requirements strictly to prevent any delay in your verification process.

     -  ID can be Passport, ID Card

     -  Name And country must be exactly as shown in your identity document.

     -  Formats supported include JPG Or PNG format.

     -  Please DO NOT upload scan Or copy version

     -  The document must not exceed 2MB.

     -  Information in passport/identity photo, espeacially passport/identity number And the name, must be                   clearly visible without any modification Or obstruction


Standard requirement for photo upload:

Identity Front Page


Identity Back Page


Photo of handhold identity 


Step 7  )

Click "KYC Authentication" on the top right.

Your verification will be processed within 24 hours once all documents have been correctly submitted.

If your account has not been verified after 3 days, kindly submit a help request at Helpdesk Or email us at

Thank you.

Regards, Support Team